Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Happy Valentine’s Day

Love. Arianna Style

“Turning my Blackberry off during dinner #thatslove” — HuffPost@AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington in a weekend tweet.

Why Matt Lewis Won’t Work for Arianna

“Here’s the deal. If you’re in the business of making widgets, it doesn’t really matter who your boss is because widgets aren’t ideological right? But when you’re an opinion writer it matters very deeply the political philosophy of the editorial department. My thing is, I do not have to work for a conservative outlet, but I will not work for a liberal outlet and that was a prime consideration for me.” — The Daily Caller‘s newest employee Matt Lewis on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz.

Quite an offer

“Shoulders and neck killing me. Anyone want to come over and stomp on my upper back?” — WCP‘s Benjamin Freed in a weekend tweet. We hear George Jefferson may be available.

Ezzy’s ‘first world’ issues

“Excel 2000’s graphs are ugly, Google Docs keeps cutting off my labels, and Office online won’t let me copy and paste. #firstworldproblems — WaPo‘s Ezra Klein in a weekend tweet. On Sunday he had an admission: “I admit it: I’m excited for the budget to come out tomorrow morning. #somanygraphs.”

Blogger takes a gypsy cab

“Rode home from the bar last night in an illegal cab — comfortable, convenient, and affordable!” — Center for American Progress fellow and liberal blogger Matt Yglesias in a weekend tweet.

Blogger steers clear of booze during CPAC

“Continued my 5 year streak of not drinking during CPAC. I should get an award. #CPAC11” — Alexandria, Va.-based Conservative blogger and CPAC event organizer Lisa De Pasquale in a weekend tweet. She writes for LOTUS (Lisa of the United States).

Quote Taken Out of Context

“I’m not a vomit in the club kind of girl.” — Lady Gaga in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Sunday night’s “60 Minutes.”

Linkins’ third-grade explanation on why he gets a paycheck

“Long-winded poorly-written defense for why the Huff Post doesn’t pay a dime to most of its contributors.” — FNC “Fox & Friends” anchor Clayton Morris in a weekend tweet. He’s referring to Jason Linkins’ recent story explaining what it means to be a paid employee. The 1,756-word story sounds like he’s speaking to third graders with mental problems. He works, writes, “coordinates with colleagues,” attends office meetings, meets deadlines and shockingly keeps weird hours depending on what news is breaking. So, for example, if a congresswoman gets shot in Tuscon? Cancel your hair braiding appointment. That’s why he gets a paycheck and other bloggers don’t. He also knows how to use exclamation points and a lot of them. He starts the horrid piece by saying, “Hi!” Later, “Let’s begin!” And later, “In an office and everything!” Really Linkins? Read if you must.

Susan Page celebrates birthday with Mozart

“Celebrating birthday at all-Mozart concert at @strathmore. Lovely.” — USA Today‘s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page in a weekend tweet. Birthday wishes to Page.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Forget the future, I’m about to Win the Week.” — Media Matters Communications Associate Tyrone Gayle in a weekend tweet in what is the most bland play on Politico‘s “win the morning” phrase we’ve seen lately. Come on Gayle, we know you can improve. Win the water (like the would-be zip lining granny), win the restroom. Win something better than “the week.” Write us. We’ll run your new and improved options.