Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Garrett Graff watches ABC’s “The Bachelor?”

“NPR’s MonkeySee blog writing about The Bachelor is like all of my favorite things on Earth in one.” — Washingtonian Editor Garrett Graff in a Wednesday tweet. Read here.

Pundit delves into weather talk

“Sunshine! Warm temperatures! I can’t believe how diff it is to nyc where all was icy! Can’t believe I’m tweeting about the weather. Sorry.” — FNC Commentator Dana Perino in a Wednesday tweet. To which Agence France-Presse’s Olivier Knox wrote, “Totally appropriate to chirp on twitter, Dana. Carry on.”

Taking offense to “media whore”

“I take offense to the term “Media Whore.” It is disrespectful to sex workers who deserve our support and advocacy” — West Point infantry officer Dan Choi in a Wednesday tweet. To which Metro Weekly CoPublisher Sean Bugg, who typically lands in FishbowlDC’s Unnecessary Tweet of the Day feature, wrote, “Word.” The only reason Bugg is not there today is because of Choi’s choice comment.

TIME reporter blames Anderson Cooper

“Anderson Cooper: if your crew is getting beat up in riots in every country you go to-might that suggest UR the 1 doing something wrong?” — TIME‘s Jay Newton-Small in a Wednesday tweet.

TV journo in Egypt

“#egypt. Both sides using slings to launch molotovs.. It seems like ancient war.. Close, fire, stones.” — NBC’s Richard Engle in a Wednesday tweet.

Complimentary commenter

“She is so HOT” — A FishbowlDC commenter in response to item on Washington Examiner‘s Julie Mason moving to Politico.

Major has ‘computer nightmares’

“Dash it all… nightmares…catching up. Senate votes 47-51 against repeal of #HCR. All GOP vote Yes. Needed 60 votes” — NJ‘s Major Garrett in a Wednesday tweet.

BREAKING: Ex-Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue admits her struggle with alcoholism at conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas’s prayer dinner in Washington Thursday evening. We broke the story late last night. If you missed it, read here.