Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


FACETIME: Look close. That’s the new House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) walking down a Capitol hallway. That female journo standing next to him? It’s TWT’s Commentary section blogger Kerry Picket. The picture appeared Thursday on the front of Politico, the print version.

TV reporter gets ‘death glares’

“Screamed question to reid during quick hu p.o. What does he expect to accomplish w/ man he called dictator? No answer but wow – death glares.” — CNN’s Dana Bash in a Wednesday tweet.

Politico reporter plays fashion guru

“Women are more attracted to men wearing red than men in other colors, reports the Journal of Exper. Psychology.” — Politico‘s Dave Catanese in a Wednesday tweet.

Editor has Al Gore-itis, thinks he invented blogs

“Wow, hard to believe that today’s the sixth birthday of @FishbowlDC, my baby from back in the Dark Ages of blogging.” — Washingtonian Editor Garrett Graff in a Thursday tweet. One longtime political reporter who has covered presidential issues (while doing somersaults) took issue with Graff’s comment, arguing, “That’s like saying George Washington invented the presidency. No, he just was the first to assume the office.”

Journo reveals day at the gun range

“Being a journalist is hard work.” — Military Times reporter Dan Lamothe in a tweet earlier this week. He links to a picture of himself in a rifle range at a Shot Show, the largest outdoor and shooting trade show.

Because it’s just so Tschida-ish

“87 year old aunt molly devestated and shocked. her sister rose died. Shocked? Rose was 101!” — ABC7’s wild train rider Stephen Tschida in a Thursday tweet.

HuffPost‘s D.C. bureau needs an intern

“Come intern in the DC bureau of the Huffington Post this spring!” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel in a tweet earlier this week. Get the details. (The internship is paid, so get cracking budding journos.)