Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Scribe loses voice

“Losing your voice is not a very good thing when it’s your job to ask questions. #lameduckcold.” — Politico‘s Shira Toeplitz in a Tuesday tweet.

TV journo refers to himself as ‘bucktooth fathead’

“Hey must confess. Don’t follow anyone cuz I just don’t know how. I’m really a simple guy. Just me and a very sick puppy.” — ABC7’s wild train rider Stephen Tschida in a Tuesday tweet, explaining why he has 623 followers but so far, follows no one. Later he shows symptoms of enthusiasm about what he’s doing, saying, “Oh, and how do I get rid of this god awful picture? Look like a bucktooth fathead! Who posted it anyway?” (Tschida needs a Twitorial and we’re willing to give it to him in exchange for an interview.)

Reporter takes stock of shoes and forks

“The number of shoes I have under my desk is astonishing. As is the number of forks I managed to hide away in my drawers.” — Politico‘s Jessica Taylor (soon to be NJ) in a Tuesday tweet. We find it nearly impossible to believe she has as many as Roll Call‘s Ali McSherry, who recently filled a huge gray tub with shoes left at the office.

CNN’s Henry Uncovers Obama’s Hawaii Arrival

“CNN obtained FAA advisory saying 10-mile no-fly zone around Honolulu Wed nite, 30 miles of “restricted” airspace starting Wed thru Jan 2.” — CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry in a Tuesday tweet. CNN’s Sam Feist responds to that, saying, “Great reporting: @edhenrycnn figures out that Obama arrives in Hawaii Wed night b/c of quietly issued no-fly-zone there.” NBC’s Mike Viqueira weighs in on Henry’s presence in Hawaii in a Tuesday tweet, saying, “@edhenrycnn I think it would be most accurate to say that you are a slouch for being there with no POTUS in the first place. I’m jealous.”

Politics incites scissor gouging in reporter

“The Democrats endless wake for Dave Obey on the House floor is making me want to gouge my eyes out with scissors. #fb” — Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Tuesday tweet in what we assume is an expression of angst and not something she actually wants to do.