Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Happy Holidays Sucky Cuban Restaurant

“Dear pseudo Cuban restaurant who shall go nameless (at the corner of 9th and H),
You have just presented a table of 5, four writers and all in the industry, with the absolute worst service and food ever. You are SO screwed.” — D.C. Publicist Wendy Gordon (pictured above) in a Monday Facebook update.

Tschida and Kardashian: Two peas in a pod

“Someone compared my tweets to Kim Kardashian. Ridiculous, she’s all makeup. I don’t wear any.” — Watch out Slate‘s Dave Weigel. This quote on Twitter Monday is by ABC7’s wild train rider Stephen Tschida who is fast becoming my favorite D.C. journo. We compared him to Kardashian, who was near tears on a recent trip to Paris.

Scribe compares himself to aged wines

“I’ve discovered that there are wines from my birth year that are holding up better than I am. Mixed feelings about that.” — WaPo‘s J. Freedom du Lac in a Monday tweet.

Headache, Stories, McCain’s near balding, etc…

“Shoot. My flight to Chicago is canceled and i have to file two stories before I can deal with that headache.” — Freelance print and radio journalist Matt Laslo in a Monday Facebook update. In a previous update Saturday (we don’t have any earthly idea how we missed this) he wrote, “Just off the Senate floor an aide is combing and putting hairspray on McCain’s mostly but not fully bald head.”

TV journo to get pooch for Xmas

“I am getting a dog for Christmas…yes…another one…she needs a home so why not? She is not a puppy.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren in a weekend tweet. (Perhaps a spot on DogBowl 2011 is in the dog’s future.)

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