Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


White House scribe all Scrooged out

“Waiting for Obama to make remarks at diplomatic corps’ WH xmas party involves sitting through quite a few holiday singalongs #Scrooged — Politics Daily‘s White House Correspondent Alex Wagner in a Monday tweet.

Interesting health choice

“I’m topping off my workout with 5 slices of pizza. Just because I can.” — Human Events Editor and infamous ambusher Jason Mattera in a Monday tweet.

Schultz calls Boehner a “baby”

“Boehner may be a big cry baby but he knows exactly what he’s doing on this issue.” — MSNBC Host Ed Schultz on his Monday program regarding Speaker John Boehner and crying so much as of late.

Fashion foibles

“Wore the wrong everything today! Ggggrrrr.” — WaPo‘s Jonathan Capehart, a staple on daily cable TV, in a Monday Facebook update.

Elizabeth Edwards to Fashion Writer: ‘You’re Beautiful’

“Remembering my encounter with Mrs. Edwards last year at National Press Club …Elizabeth told me “you’re beautiful” and I blushed and thought it was because I was looking at a rarity: a beautiful and brave spirit …RIP..” — D.C. Freelancer (writes for HuffPost and other outlets) Stephanie Green in a recent Facebook update.