Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Score: Washington Examiner‘s gossip maven Nikki Schwab wins a new red Nikon Coolpix camera at the office holiday party in a raffle. Twenty plus prizes, including an iPad, iPod Touch, jewelry and more, were given away. Those who won included Editor Stephen Smith, and reporters Scott McCabe and Freedom Klopott.

Take that: “Damn your dumb bitch.”the tweet that caused Sen. Jim DeMint‘s speechwriter Amanda Carpenter to block someone. Carpenter is a former TWT columnist and political writer.

Journo heaven

“I love it when a breaking pile of scoop lands in my lap.” — J. Freedom du Lac in a Friday tweet.

Meghan McCain issues warning

“If u send me a death threat all that happens is ur shit goes to the FBI and I may have to be followed around by men in black action figures.” — The Daily Beast columnist and Sen. John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, in a weekend tweet.

A journo’s compelling question

“Is there research that compels radio stations to keep playing “blinded by the light.” What is audience 4 that? How does fm radio survive?” — Politico‘s Jonathan Martin in a weekend tweet.

How Ana Marie Cox amuses herself

“Amusing self with fact that in between my watching of Bravo reality shows on DVR, TV flips to C-SPAN. #nerdy #trashy.” — GQ‘s Ana Marie Cox in a weekend tweet.

Editor has trouble feeling her face

“OK, they may not be kidding about the whole 9 degrees thing. Unsure I can feel my face.” — Washington Examiner Features Editor Jacque Jo Bland in a weekend tweet.

Star sighting

“Just saw Angela Lansbury at Union Station. Kennedy Center honors? First thought, she’s tall.” — ABC News’s Amy Walter in a weekend tweet.

Scribe needs help with salami

“My son just had to give me tech help on how to open salami package.” Slate and CBS’s John Dickerson in a weekend tweet.

Olbermann upholds his manhood

“A woman who advocates assassinating doctors writes today asking how many abortions I’ve had. I think the anatomical cluelessness says it all.” — MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann in a Sunday tweet.

It’s a coincidence

“I’m Michael buying art supplies at Michael’s. Ironic? perhaps. All I know is that its early 4 a sunday! (@ Michael’s Art Supply)” — Washington Life‘s Michael Clements in a weekend tweet.

Fleischer urges Helen bashing

“I hope the media won’t be silent about HT. Whatever good she did has come undone. She deserves rebuke 4 now standing by ‘Jews Go Home.'” — Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer in a Sunday tweet. The news is that Wayne State U. Wayne State Univ. suspended Helen Thomas Diversity Award post scandal. Read more about the issue on here. Read the Mediate story here.