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Weigel takes on ‘Glee’s’ Sue Sylvester

“What was with the Sue plotline? It was weird and tone-deaf, and it seemed like her character had been drugged.” — Slate‘s Dave Weigel in a brave Tuesday tweet referencing the recent wedding episode of “Glee” when coach Sue Sylvester tried to marry herself. In other Weigel news, he appeared to be having computer issues today, writing, “I’m not saying my browser is slow today, but I’m pretty sure that [Sen.} Jim DeMint has put a hold on it.”

Journo starts personal training regimen

“Just finished first ever session w/ a personal trainer #yuppiemilestones #boringtweets” — The Nation’s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes in a Tuesday tweet. He later added, “For the record: training was great. Kicked my ass. Can’t play ball while recuperating from knee injury so this is next best thing.”

Just for laughs

“Don’t know why but this is the most troubling gift I’ve ever seen in the Brookstone catalog.” — WaPo‘s Amy Argetsinger in a Tuesday tweet. See what she’s talking about here.

Scarborough offers props to ‘Morning Joe

“Congrats to the Morning Joe team! More people watched Morning Joe in Nov than CNN, HLN & CNBC for the 9th month in a row.” — MSNBC host Joe Scarborough in a Tuesday tweet.

WikiLeak humor

“#Wikileaks people say they’re doing the world a service. If they really want to be of service, they’ll get Skating with the Stars cancelled.” HLN’s and ABC “The View’s” Joy Behar in a Tuesday tweet.

You want to do WHAT?

“Sometimes I want to copy someone’s status, word for word, and see if they notice.” — U.S. News & World Report’s Robert “Junk” Schlesinger in a Tuesday Facebook update.

Just plain disturbing

In a Facebook update, D.C. Publicist Wendy Gordon calls attention to a puppy that was swiped from an adoption center. “Puppy Stolen From Adoption Center WHS Offers $1000 Reward – Washington Humane Society Blog: Four month old Ivan was snatched from his kennel at the New York Avenue shelter early on Monday afternoon. Three suspects were caught on surveillance video taking the dog from the shelter.”