Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Reporter contemplates the unthinkable

“Thinking of dosing myself with Viagra before my first TSA pat down.” — Slate media writer Jack Shafer in a Monday morning tweet.

The Daily Baller‘s rationalizes following scribes he hates

“Following 3 reporters from the same DC outlet. I h8 everything they tweet/write, but I won’t unfollow them, b/c h8ing them = h8ing me less.” — The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs in a weekend tweet. (Update: Of course, we asked. Riggs won’t dish on the reporters or the pub. “My hatred will remain secret for now,” he tells us. )

Down time in Lisbon

“Finally seeing a few sites in Lisbon. A beautiful city I hope to visit sans work some day.” — NBC’s Chuck Todd in a weekend tweet from Lisbon.

Privacy — what’s that?

“Privacy is a loose concept in the age of Facebook and even a 16-year-old should know that the things you put up when you’re the daughter of the most famous Republican woman in the world are going to be highlighted.” — The Weekly Standard‘s Associate Editor Matthew Continetti on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program Sunday commenting on the controversial comments Willow Palin posted on her Facebook page.

Journo contemplates clubbing in Lisbon

“Saturday night in Lisbon…need to head to the airport in 2hrs-may as well stay out all night? To the club!” — ABC News White House reporter Karen Travers in a weekend tweet from Lisbon.

Editor does Sunday brunch in Charleston

“Sunday brunch at Jestine’s Kitchen in downtown Charleston. Be jealous.” — Politico Asst. Editor Jessica Taylor in a weekend tweet.

Journalist anticipates airplane annoyance

“There’s a 5-foot-2 woman on front of me on the plane. Shes definitely going to put the seat back. And she has a hacking cough.” — Former TBD GM Jim Brady in a weekend tweet during a trip to Omaha.

Olbermann reacts to Newt snub

Newt Gingrich today complained how anti-GOP I was that time I moderated a GOP debate. Except I never HAVE moderated a GOP debate.” — MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann reacting to former Speaker Gingrich (R-Ga.) declaring on C-SPAN Sunday morning that if he runs for prez he won’t participate in any MSNBC debates moderated by Chris Matthews or Olbermann.

DogBowl 2010: FishbowlDC right about that dog Duffy

“Duffy “socialized” w/ lots of other dogs at the resort. Let’s just say @fishbowldc had him pegged.” — TBD’s Director of  Community Engagement Steve Buttry in a weekend tweet. He and Mimi Johnson entered their dog, Duffy, into the contest, and won “Most Like to Hump Robert Gates’ Dog in the Dog Park.”