Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Hookers along the way

“What I saw during my run along Seattle’s waterfront: a bait and tackle shop called the Happy Hooker.” — NBC’s “Meet the Press” host David Gregory.

Journo fears crocs (animals, not shoes)

“Am I the only one who’s terrified? RT @BreakingNews Several hundred crocodiles escape enclosure in Mexico preserve.” (The news that has him freaked: 280-400 crocs are allegedly on the loose in Veracruz after a storm.) — RealClearPolitics’s Scott Conroy in a Tuesday tweet.

HuffPost scribe takes whack at NYT coverage

“Just curious why there are 5 contributing reporters on this Times story about Woodward’s book. the story is abt an already written book!” —HuffPost’s Sam Stein in a sassy Tuesday tweet.

Reporter blames Portuguese hackers for Twitter weirdness

“Weird Portuguese people seem to have hacked my account, so please ignore anything that isn’t in English.” — Politico White House correspondent Glenn Thrush on Tuesday on Twitter.

The Oprahfication of PBS

” Are you driving while reading this? do you text or call while driving? U.S. Transportation Sec’y Ray LaHood on the risks we take @NewsHour.” — PBS’s Judy Woodruff in a Tuesday tweet.

Fix Jr. with attitude

“Dear — I know your House polls page is still “coming soon,” but “soon” it will be too late for it to be at all useful.” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake in a Tuesday tweet. He writes for “The Fix” blog.