Good Morning FBLA Readers — A ‘Funny’ Variety

On the front page of they have a photo gallery titled,”10 Comics to Watch”. Then there are pictures of the performers and random – out of context but not particularly clever or interesting quotes. Are they from their acts? From interviews? Their blogs? Where did they come up with them?

For example there was a photo of Jon LaJoie and the caption: “If I were to pitch ‘Show me your Genitals,’ I highly doubt they’d put that on television.”

Lame quote. Unless it was by Joe Francis then ‘lame quote’ would be redundant.

But then we saw that Ralphie May was also on the list. Not exactly a new up and comer. He was on the first and second season of Last Comic Standing, which aired before myspace existed. And in internet terms (or dog years) that’s half a century ago. And his quote was:

“If you work with them, a mullet wearer ‘Will come and take the tobacco right out of your hand.”

A ‘mullet wearer’? Is that really a phrase May used? In 2008?! Really? Is it the quotee or the quoter?