GOOD Magazine’s Editorial Department Decimated by Layoffs

Bad news for GOOD readers – the bulk of the Los Angeles-based magazine’s editorial staff was laid off today.

According to Poynter, those handed pink slips include executive editor Ann Friedman, managing editor Megan Greenwell, senior editor Cord Jefferson, lifestyle editor Amanda Hess, business editor Tim Fernholz and associate editor Nona Willis Aronowitz. Wylie Overstreet stated on Twitter that he was leaving voluntarily.

Last night, GOOD magazine thew a launch party for their latest issue, and it may have been a last hurrah. How can they publish without a staff? The company has released no statement about the layoffs, just a vague tweet at 7:57 this evening, several hours after the news broke.

Other GOOD LLC properties will continue to operate. From Poynter:

GOOD appears to be exploring a community-based publishing system with a public beta site described as “a platform for 21st century citizenship” that includes aggregation (GOOD Finder) and a tool for mobilizing locally (GOOD Maker)

As a small consolation for GOOD readers mourning the loss of a great editorial staff, allow us to point you in the direction of Friedman’s awesome Tumblr, #realtalk from your editor.