A Message From the Gang That Used to Work at GOOD

By means of a new, temporary Tumblr page, the half-dozen editorial employees laid off last Friday at GOOD (along with two more who took severance) want you to know that they’re OK.

Although some anticipate having to leave L.A. to remain employed in the field of journalism and all are struggling with the fact that they were let go by a profitable operation, they take solace in Cord Jefferson’s always effective rhetorical leveler – “What is best in life?” They are also planning a parting gift:

We were just getting started! So we’d like to make at least one more magazine together. Not an issue of GOOD – something different. We’re calling it Tomorrow. It’s going to be about what’s next, what’s on the cusp. We want to get out of our comfort zone and push others to do the same. We want to meet and introduce you to great people. We’ll have more details soon, so check back here later this week.

The gang goes on to thank those kind enough to leave bottles of Scotch on their front porches in the wake of last week’s surprising events. A Bukowski-worthy move that brings to mind this 2011 GOOD pitch by 826LA.