Good Founder: New CEO ‘Kept Me on My Toes’

goodCover.jpgGood, the do-gooder magazine that’s actually doing good started by Ben Goldhirsh, hired founder of Ethos Water and former Starbucks VP Jonathan Greenblatt as its first CEO. We called Goldhirsh at the company’s West Coast office and asked him about the appointment, his relationship with Greenblatt and the future of the company.

“Jonathan’s been a friend and mentor for a while,” Goldhirsh said. “He kept me on my toes and helped push Good towards the things we needed [from a business standpoint] … He’s a great complement to the human capital we have in place already.”

Greenblatt, who’s already begun working from the California office, “is a good guy who represents our core values,” Goldhirsh told us.

But what about those rumors of outside investment?

Goldhirsh shot down the idea that he brought Greenblatt on to help recruit outside investors. “We’re still deciding whether to take outside investments. We are going to amplify Good,” Goldhirsh said. “If we are going to take outside investments, those investors must bring value beyond money. They need to have relevant networks and relevant experiences.”

The founder declined to provide names of companies he would consider a good fit with Good‘s core philosophy.