Good Enters the Business World

Good, the magazine dedicated to saving the world, launched a Business platform in conjunction with Certified B Corporations. The “media product” seeks to explore “the intersection of business and social benefit in Good‘s entertaining and relevant voice and across its many platforms — print, Web, video and live events.”

The latest issue of the magazine includes 32 pages devoted to businesses that are making a difference. Additionally, three Certified B Corporations — Greyston Bakery, IceStone and Comet Skateboards — are spotlighted in videos on the magazine’s Web site.


LOS ANGELES, CA and PHILADELPHIA, PA — October 27, 2008 — GOOD, the integrated media company for people who want to live well and do good, today announced a collaboration with the community of Certified B Corporations to launch an all new media product called GOOD Business, which explores the intersection of business and social benefit in GOOD’s entertaining and relevant voice and across its many platforms — print, Web, video and live events.

“The notion that businesses should look out for their employees, the environment and community with as much diligence as their bottom line is sound but unfortunately not how many businesses operate today,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of GOOD. “Certified B Corporations have each discovered that driving positive social impact and creating value for society is not only the right thing to do but also advantageous. GOOD Business celebrates and will accelerate this trend and we’re excited to launch it at such an important time.”

Issue 013 of GOOD’s flagship print title recently hit newsstands with a flip-side second cover and 32 pages devoted to GOOD Business featuring stories that spotlight change-making businesses that are driving social benefit. In conjunction, GOOD’s recently launched website will begin to be updated continuously at, with unique content examining this emerging sector of the economy which harnesses the power of private enterprise to drive social return. For instance, the GOOD video team has developed three inaugural videos focusing on three Certified B Corporations that use the power of business to solve problems related to poverty, the environment and community — Greyston Bakery, IceStone and Comet Skateboards, respectively.

Additionally, GOOD’s live events platform is orchestrating a GOOD Business Lounge at the upcoming Green Festival in San Francisco, which will bring together a community of leaders and innovators within sustainable business in a way that’s informative and fun. More than 40,000 attendees are expected to gather at the three day event held at San Francisco’s Concourse Exhibition Center where GOOD will exhibit a booth showcasing dozens of Certified B Corporations. B Corporations have earned independent third-party certification as meeting high standards of social and environmental performance and have legally expanded the responsibility of their companies to include consideration of the interests of employees, suppliers, the community and the environment.

“GOOD is the right partner to take the message of GOOD Business to the mainstream,” said Jay Coen Gilbert, cofounder of B Lab, the nonprofit which certifies and support B Corporations “It is time that this emerging business community had a media platform dedicated to telling its story.”

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