GonzoFest Organizers Hoping Bill Murray Will Join This Year’s Party

The actor portrayed Hunter S. Thompson in 1980's Where the Buffalo Roam and was central to the journalist's final piece of published writing in 2005.

Hunter S. Thompson’s final piece of published writing, for ESPN in 2005, involved Bill Murray. Ten years later, the organizers of this weekend’s fifth annual GonzoFest in Louisville, Kentucky are hoping Murray will join them for Saturday’s festivities.

The associated hashtag #BilltotheVille hasn’t exactly been burning up Twitter, but who knows? As is Murray’s wont, maybe the performer will indeed surprise organizers with an appearance this weekend.

Another interesting aspect of the 2015 edition of GonzoFest is plans for a bronze statue of Thompson. Provided the crowd-funding comes in, the sculpture will be designed by local artist Matt Weir, with some input from Thompson’s pal Ralph Steadman, and unveiled at next year’s GonzoFest. Potential design drawings will be featured at this Saturday’s celebration.