Tyler Perry Wows in Gone Girl

Even in reviews of Gone Girl that are mixed or negative, Tyler Perry has still been receiving the unequivocal thumbs up.


Here for example is what less-than-impressed Boston Globe reviewer Mark Feeney wrote:

Playing a high-powered defense attorney, Tyler Perry is smooth, funny and unflappable. Gone Girl would be a lot more entertaining, and probably a lot better, if he and Ben Affleck had exchanged roles.

The choice of Perry by David Fincher is this film’s “greatest coup” (Leonard Maltin, Indiewire); the performance is “unexpectedly good” (Rafer Guzman, Newsday); it’s an “inspired piece of casting” (Tom Carson, GQ). And so on.

In interviews, Fincher has explained the very serendipitous way this slice of supporting-role magic came about. From a Q&A with Time Out Hong Kong:

“I love him. He’s a guy I went out of my way to talk into being in this movie. I met him when I was in Atlanta looking for soundstages for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He has a huge campus with seven or eight soundstages.”

“As we walked up to the main building, I saw this guy on the roof, in a tracksuit with a radio-controlled airplane. He was flying it around in circles. Someone then said to us, “Mr. Perry will be right with you.” I thought, that’s who [the character] Tanner Bolt should be. He’s the guy who puts you on hold while he finishes flying his remote-controlled airplane.”

Perry’s previous non-Madea acting work includes the lead role in 2012 crime drama Alex Cross and the part of Admiral Richard Bennett in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

[Photo courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox]

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