Gone Fishing…

Dear Fishies,

Some of you will be relieved and others sad to know I’ll be away for the next week on an international fishing expedition. I’m pulling a Mike Allen and going “off the grid” as worker bees like to say here in Washington. I won’t be reachable, but you will be in good hands (or I should say, quite possibly dangerous hands) with Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry. Piranhamous might rear his or her head at different moments. We try not to upset P too much for fear of death or injury. While they may sense my reaction in their heads as to what I would think, there won’t be anyone to stop them. Be nice to them, send them tips to the Anonymous Tip Box at fishbowldc@mediabistro.com or write them personally at FishbowlPeter@gmail.com or Scarryfbdc@gmail.com.

See you back here soon.