Gondry Goes to Japan

Though this writer didn’t care much for The Science of Sleep (reason being: awe and wonder are fine, but frankly, we wanted to punch Gael Garcia Bernal‘s character in the face because he was so annoyingly childlike), but it’s always nice to read up something on Michel Gondry. His film just landed in Japan and, per usual, being the great resource it is, Ping Mag was on the scene and transcribed the press conference during his visit there. Here’s some about building the sets:

Anyway, about 8 months before we started shooting with actors, I shot some scenes at a country house with about 10 staff, which took us about two months. The city is entirely made out of toilet paper rolls. One of my staff told me that we could have just bought big tubes and cut them up into this shape. But I said “No, no, no! Toilet paper tubes have a very special shape and there is always a little bit of paper left on surface of the tubes because of the glue they use. I want that!” So 2 years before this shooting I asked all our friends and families to collect their toilet rolls for it and in the end everyone had big bags of toilet paper rolls.