Golo Golf Dice Game – More Luck or Skill?

If you’re one of those people who believe golf is more luck than skill, well then welcome to the world of the Golo Golf Dice Game.

The game is essentially a dice game with a golf theme. Think Yahtzee meets plaid hats. You roll all nine dice and select the lowest numbers possible to achieve the lowest score. You can also click “bottoms up” to flip the dice (and thus hope for a better number that way). When you get dice that enable you to go one under par, a bird will fly across the screen (birdie, get it?), and if you get two under you’ll see an eagle. If you get a bogey, meaning going one or more over, a little gopher will appear to taunt you.

Despite the jokiness of the animation, the game is plenty addictive and there is some strategy. Do you roll the dice again or do you settle for a par? When should you go “bottoms up?” There’s a leaderboard, challenging, and a point system that rewards you for the better you play. You get a huge bonus for having the top score of the day or beating an opponent head to head. Though it’s nice to see yourself move up in the global rankings, I’m not sure what the incentive is to acquire points. There doesn’t seem to be a way to trade them in for prizes or open new features… at least yet.

For a golf -dice hybrid, it’s a cheeky little distraction and has some genuinely funny moments. Though the directions and strategy take some getting used to, it’s a fun adaptation of several games to a more social platform. Whether or not people will find this fun enough to want to challenge their friends remains to be seen.

Gameplay: 7

Developers: 6

Luck involved: 75%