Golin’s Hamburglar Foiled by His Own Wife

He's taking over the client's accounts this week.

Last week–as reported by our sister site AgencySpy and pretty much every media outlet everywhere–a younger, sexier Hamburglar sparked a conversation across America.

As we consider all the think pieces inspired by this campaign, we should return to the agency behind it: Golin, which created the new spokesperson and the videos documenting his new suburban life.

This afternoon, McDonald’s unveiled the second video featuring Mr. ‘Burglar, who had some dental work done.

It seems that the titular robbery suspect has one problem executing his plan to steal all the new sirloin burgers: his wife.

While our Adweek colleagues call the joke “regressive,” we get it–the Hamburglar is a little older than he looks.

We’ve yet to see sales numbers for the new burger, but based on the number of editorial responses we’d have to call the campaign a success so far; the firm told us that they’ve been a little overwhelmed and that they’re taking the snark in stride.

Golin is currently managing the McD’s social accounts, which have been all about this new guy:

Oh wait, here he is:

We never doubted it.