GolinHarris ‘Prevolves’, Gets Rid Of ‘Account Executives’

PR agency GolinHarris is reorganizing its 700 employees into new specialist groups where “account executives” no longer exist, replaced by titles like “catalyst” and “strategist.”

In addition to those two titles, other specialties will include “creators”—people who craft messages and tell brand stores, and “connectors”—the social media experts.

The agency is spending $10 million on technology and training related to the reorg.


“I’m motivated partly by opportunity,” GolinHarris president Fred Cook told the New York Times, “and partly by fear.”

“Recently, we hired a researcher, and people said, ‘He doesn’t fit into a particular account. He’s never worked in consumer packaged goods,’ ” Cook said. “But he’s a brilliant strategist; our model has to have room for people like that.”

According to PRWeek, the agency will double in size globally over the next decade. That’s 700 new jobs out there for you creators, strategists, connectors and catalysts.