Golin Drops the ‘Harris,’ Adds The Hoff

You may have heard this week’s news that the former GolinHarris is dropping its married name to “Go All In” after a 2011 “g4” restructuring that transformed the firm “from a hierarchy of generalists to communities of specialists.

Here’s Al Golin himself telling CommPro that–organizational shifts aside–he’s glad to be around to continue “enjoy[ing] the notoriety.”

We have to confess, though, that we were compelled to click primarily by mentions of the man once kept afloat by Pamela Anderson’s buoys: David Hasselhoff.

It’s real, it’s spectacular, and there’s a video after the jump.

Like a brand rediscovering a formerly relevant celebrity to the delight of football and beef jerky fans everywhere (rest in peace, Macho Man), so Golin tapped “The Hoff” to help open the Cannes Festival of Creativity on Sunday with a segment titled, appropriately, “Relevance and the Hoff.”

Here’s the clip:

We are both very interested and somewhat confused, though we just discovered that there’s a contest and a WSJ interview about how Hasselhoff is so back in action that he never really left. (We do question the other guy’s status as a “lookalike”, though.)


The point concerns Hasselhoff’s ability to reinvent himself, going from soap opera star to European adult contemporary rocker to intoxicated Wendy’s fan. Golin promises to give attendees “practical ideas on how to apply relevance to any creative campaign and several ‘were you there!?’ moments” while helping to answer this crucial Big Question:

“Why do some brands and celebrities endure the fickleness of time?”

We’d say it’s an ability to not take oneself too seriously combined with the creative work of others. Case in point: The Hoff stays relevant in 2013 thanks to the great dedication of a certain Vimeo user.

Sadly, we will not be able to attend the presentation on Sunday. But please tell us how it went.

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