Golfscape GPS Rangefinder for iPhone Brings Augmented Reality to the Golf Course

Video courtesy of golfshotgps

Augmented Reality (AR) got noticed in the mobile space last year with the introduction of the free Layar app for Android phones. Since then, everything from movie promotions to ice cream (see my Ben & Jerry’s blog item) have gotten AR-ed. You can see a video demo of:

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder $19.99 in iTunes App Store)

in the video embedded above. You can see how information such as distance to pin and obstacles are placed as labels on a camera view of the actual scene in the video. The app is priced way above the usual 99 cents or $1.99 iPhone app price. However, golfers tell me that golfing apps tend to be pricey ($20 to $50). So, this is not out of the ordinary for that app category.

Via Augmented Planet: Golfscape Augmented Reality Ranger Finder