Golf Mag Searches for America’s Fabulous Foursome

Americans prefer to hook than slice (this is golf lingo for go left instead of right). Jumping on the heels of the President Obama-House Speaker John Boehner golf summit this past weekend, Golf Magazine is on a manhunt to find America’s “dream foursome.” Hence an online bracket-style competition that includes 64 politicians, entertainers, athletes and executives.

So far, by all indications people would rather golf with liberals— and by a landslide.  In the first round of voting, Obama is leading Boehner 71% to 29%.  The same holds true for former President Bill Clinton’s lead over conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh (also a 71% to 29% lead).   Conservatives watching the polls still have time to vote in this “primary” round through July 1 at or

Be sure to see the bracket spread. It includes stars like Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray and Clinton Eastwood, “leaders and influencers” like Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger (really?) and Warren Buffet and “athletes” such as Peyton Manning and Rafael Nadal.