Golf Digest Writer Lines Up His 50th Masters

It all started for Gary Kindred in 1967.

In a brief but telling byline bio, Golf Digest senior writer Dave Kindred (pictured) notes that he ‘has lost golf balls in 22 countries on four continents.’ That’s one way of putting it.

Another is “Reflections on Covering 50(!) Masters.” As Jordan Spieth prepares to defend his title, Kindred is there as he has been since Gary Brewer won the Augusta championship in 1967.

Kindred’s piece is tons of fun and features a championship finish:

My son made the mistake of getting married on April 13, 1986. That day, after the reception, I turned on the television. It was 8 o’clock. The first words I heard were, “Jack Nicklaus today shot 65 to win . . . “ And I said, “Oh, sh%t,” for Nicklaus was an old man, then 46, six years removed from his last major championship, doing what [Ben] Hogan hadn’t done, win one more time.

So I missed that Masters, and I soon advised my son, “The next time you get married, don’t do it in April.” Nicklaus, being Nicklaus, was kind enough to send me a letter saying I had my priorities in order, family first, and the great man added, “If you want to know anything about the 1986 Masters, I do remember some of the details.”

By the way, my son did marry a second time.

In December.

Over the years, Kindred has also written four books.