Golf Digest Cover Draws Criticism

Pro golfers typically wear shirts, right?

Golf Digest’s latest cover, featuring Lexi Thompson, is drawing criticism for being tacky and sexist. As you can see, Thompson is topless. Sort of an odd photograph to convey a person’s “fitness and power.”

As most on Twitter and Digest’s site have pointed out, when Digest features male golfers on its cover, they are presented as what they are–pro athletes and actual people, not objects. They are also always fully clothed. And sure, no one is in a rush to see a shirtless John Daly, but that’s not the point.

We’ve reached out to Mike O’Malley and Ashley Mayo, Digest’s executive editor and senior editor, respectively, for comment. We’ll update when we hear back.

Update (12:34 pm):
Mayo responded to us with the following statement: “Our May cover presents the new image of golf–strong, powerful, athletic, sometimes even edgy. We think Lexi Thompson and the women of the LPGA are influential role models for every golfer. And getting noticed is an important part of growing the game.”