Goldman Sachs Is Trying to Recruit Millennials by Running Ads on Spotify

Follows Snapchat campaign a year ago

For its latest marketing investment, Goldman Sachs is spending on Spotify.

The financial-services firm started running ads Wednesday on the music-streaming service in the U.S. and U.K. in hopes of recruiting younger candidates. The campaign includes a 30-second spot hinting at a few of the roles potential employees might be interested in.

"What advice would you give a tech firm breaking into a new market?" the ad says. "How would you help grow a university's endowment? Discover this and more at Goldman Sachs, because a career here could take you anywhere."

The ad then redirects listeners to a 14-question career quiz on Goldman's website that helps visitors determine the part of the company that might be the best fit for their skills and interests.

It isn't the first time Goldman has turned to a millennial-focused medium. A year ago, it ran ads on Snapchat in hopes of recruiting college students via the app's Campus Story channel. Earlier this year, the company again used Snapchat, buying ads in support of International Women's Day.

It's not the first time Goldman has worked with Spotify, either. It advised the Swedish company earlier this year as it raised $1 billion in debt financing. As The Wall Street Journal reported in March, raising debt instead of equity could help Spotify maintain a higher stock price if it decides to pursue an initial public offering.