Goldman Sachs Employees Have a Private Grill at Shake Shack

Last week FishbowlNY told you about Conde Nast demanding that its cafeteria has its own special vent at 1 WTC, which seemed a little over the top. Now we’ve found out that Goldman Sachs is taking food elitism to new heights.

Apparently the company has a private grill at Shake Shack so that Goldman Sachs’ employees can avoid the famously long wait. Dealbreaker reports that a tipster sent them the following info:

Was just at the newly opened Shake Shack across street from GS building. Standing next to a GS employee complaining that his order is taking forever, manager of Shack comes over and says ‘it’s on the Goldman private grill, I’m sorry there was a big order in front of you, that’s all I can do.’

Aside from just being obnoxious, the interesting thing about this is that Goldman Sachs’ headquarters is adjacent to 1 WTC. When Conde moves in we fully expect both company’s employees to engage in battles over who has the most pretentious dining situation. We’ll try and cover them live for you.