Goldman CFO: We’re ‘Very Aware of Public Opinion and the Backlash Against Wall Street’


Bloomberg BusinessWeek spoke with several Goldman Sachs executives in advance of the firm releasing its 2009 annual report next week.

The report will include, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “a letter to shareholders that will, for the first time, explicitly defend its conduct during the mortgage bubble and subsequent collapse.”

Goldman’s PR issues have been chronicled here and across the media over the past year.

Recently, the firm acknowledged, “Press coverage and other public statements that assert some form of wrongdoing, regardless of the factual basis for the assertions being made, often results in some type of investigation by regulators, legislators and law enforcement officials, or in lawsuits.”

Goldman Sachs’ Chief Financial Officer David A. Viniar reiterated the point with Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

We believe our franchise is as strong as it has ever been and that our clients, our people, and our shareholders are happy with our performance…But we’re also very aware of public opinion and the backlash against Wall Street, and we’re doing our best to address it.

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