GoldFire Studios officially launches HTML5 casino game CasinoRPG


Oklahoma City-based GoldFire Studios has announced the official launch of its Kickstarter-funded, HTML5 powered social casino game CasinoRPG. The game released in beta on the web in September 2013, and combines elements from multiple game genres, like roleplaying and tycoon games, into one experience.

While GoldFire acknowledges the existence of the multitude of other social casino games available on Facebook and mobile devices, the company’s release of CasinoRPG aims to give players something to do with the virtual money they win.

In CasinoRPG, players use their winnings from games like poker, blackjack and slot machines to build casinos and apartments. The more winnings players earn, the more they can focus on the interior designs of their buildings, or how their overall casino appears.


As a massively multiplayer online experience, all casinos in the game are owned by other players. As such, gamers start out as janitors in a casino, and must work their way up and out into the game’s world, buying a plot of land for their own casino. During the game’s beta release period, over 17,000 players joined the experience.

CasinoRPG can be played on a variety of devices, thanks to HTML5. This means gamers will have the same gameplay experience whether playing on a desktop or a smartphone or tablet, as examples. Instead of launching on Facebook, GoldFire has announced its own GoldFire Network, which will host the game on the open web.

More information on CasinoRPG is available on the game’s website.