Golden State Warriors Start Fast-Break with Tweetbeat Page

The Golden State Warriors became the first National Basketball Association franchise to add a customized, real-time page from Tweetbeat to its Web site, aggregating Tweets as they are sent to keep fans up-to-date.

The Tweetbeat page will filter all of the Tweets coming through the Twitter firehose in real-time and sift out the best ones related to the team and its games, and fans can follow along, replay the stream from past games, or see their own Tweets.

The Warriors also recently announced that the club would participate in the launch of Facebook deals.

Warriors president Robert Rowell said:

We take every opportunity to provide the best sports entertainment to our fans and really immerse them in the experience. With a Tweetbeat page on our site, we have the opportunity to engage our fans more immediately and interactively than ever before. Now fans can actively be part of the Warriors conversation even when they are watching the game at home.

Tweetbeat creator Kosmix co-founder Anand Rajaraman added:

The Warriors are a great partner because of their close connection to their fan base and their commitment to social-media engagement. They are the first of hopefully many sports teams to take on pushing the limits of social media to engage current and new fans.