The Modest Beginnings of the Golden Globes

The first winners, in 1944, received scrolls.

The Golden Globes website trivia page gets it slightly wrong. There were in fact six, not five categories at the first ceremony in 1944. The inaugural event was held on the 20th Century Fox lot where, coincidentally, the big winner (with three awards) was that studio’s biographical drama The Song of Bernadette. Winners received scrolls.

The production scale of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association kudos remained modest the following year, when the ceremony was moved to The Beverly Hills Hotel:

The fledgling group’s funds were so tight that Joan Bennett’s gardener was tapped to supply the flowers for the tables. The actual Golden Globe award came about in 1946, when association president Marina Cisternas came up with the idea of using a statuette of a “golden globe” on a pedestal.

For Cuban newspaper El Mundo, Cisternas once wrote a column called “La Vida en Hollywood.”

The Globes website has done a good job of setting the table for this year’s awards with various items and profiles written by HFPA members. Another fun bit of nostalgia, tied to Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne, who will be on stage this weekend, looks back at the other, previous African-American Miss Golden Globes. The very first was New York native Rosanne Katon.

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