The Golden Globes Affirm Mark Ruffalo’s Awards Mantra

This week's SAG and HFPA nominations are in perfect sync with the way he likes to now approach the craft of acting.

Awards pundits are slicing, dicing and dissecting the lack of HFPA individual actor nominations for Best Picture frontrunner Spotlight. But Mark Ruffalo, one of the performers in question, is more likely simply high-fiving whoever is nearby.

From a feature interview posted yesterday by Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr.:

Ruffalo says he only began having fun as an actor when he stopped prioritizing his needs over the picture. “I’d given up long ago the idea about the awards or, ‘Am I going to have my acting moment?'” he says. “I found that chasing awards and outcomes and trying to impress people, and all the things that happen when you get really protective about your moments, left me feeling empty. Before [2010’s] The Kids Are All Right, I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I went into Kids thinking that was going to be my last movie. And then I had so much fun. It was an ensemble and it was all that I wanted from acting.”

That’s why the SAG Best Picture award is so great. It’s called Best Ensemble, and Ruffalo is in that mix. Making this morning’s HFPA choices even sweeter for the actor is the recognition of his performance in a movie no pundit was picking. A certain indie film that garnered a nomination in the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. From Ruffalo’s Facebook post:

Infinitely Happy about Infinitely Polar Bear Golden Globes nomination. Didn’t see that coming at all. No campaign, no schmooze, no ads. Just the HFPA remembering it all these months later. It’s a very special kind of honor, one that I will never forget. Thanks HFPA for allowing this little gem of a movie to shine on its own through the din and glare.

There’s no doubt Ruffalo is one of FishbowlNY’s favorite awards pundits. Asked a few months ago by WWD at his new NYC digs if he was paying attention to Spotlight’s Oscar momentum, he replied: “That’s a sucker’s game.”

[Photo of Ruffalo with his Boston Globe namesake, Michael Rezendes, courtesy: Open Road Films]