Gold Peak Tea Wants to Send Someone Home with $100K

Gold Peak Tea, a Coca-Cola beverage brand, hasn’t traditionally done a lot of marketing in the past. But with its growing consumer base, the brand thinks now’s the time for a big push.

“We felt the timing was right to reward our fans in 2012, when we know Americans are working harder than ever, by bringing our brand proposition of home-brewed taste to the next level with this campaign,” Margaret Haley, associate brand manager for Gold Peak Tea, told us via email.

Using the brand’s focus on “home-brewed taste” as a springboard, it’s launched a contest in which one person will get $100,000 to “take the year off.” The thinking is the winner can “take home” the money to do whatever they want. That includes hanging around the house doing nothing.

Fans can go to Facebook to enter through July 13. Once they’ve narrowed down the choices, the remaining entrants will be asked to submit a video, and the vote will be put to the fans. The winner will be announced Labor Day weekend.

“This campaign elevates our brand image by giving one person the chance to take the year off and just kick back at home or pursue something they’re passionate about,” Haley writes.

No one is going to argue with taking a year off with $100K to kick around and do what they wish. However, we do wonder if this is the best way to capitalize on the “home” theme. Chances are the winner wouldn’t actually stay home with the money. Most people would opt for a big trip, or use the money to pursue a dream that would otherwise take them out of the house and on to big things. Maybe a $100K home makeover would’ve made a little more sense?

But we’re probably just splitting hairs. Woo-hoo! $100,000!