Ricky Gervais Displays Some Naked Emmy Ambition

When Jimmy Fallon recently opened the door for Ricky Gervais‘ Twitter followers (a.k.a. “twonks”) to ask the star questions for a Tonight Show Web exclusive, the results were delightfully raw. For example, the comedian’s answer to the first query – “What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done while you were drunk?” – began with the words: “I wee-ed on my girlfriend once…”

Ditto for Gold Derby’s Tuesday Twitter chat with the Emmy-nominated Derek star. To go along with the photo above of Gervais cradling his 2007 Best Comedy Actor Emmy for Extras, the comedian joked about who he should optimally kill for a win this year and promised to hit all the acceptance speech buttons:

@goldderby: If you win an Emmy [this year] will you: 1) Give a poignant speech? 2) Trash the joint like a frat house bash?

@rickygervais: I will trash the place, but I’ll do it crying and thanking God. Multi-tasking.

Back to that hysterical photo. Gold Derby maestro Tom O’Neil tells FishbowlNY it was symptomatic of the comedian’s overall approach.

“He threw himself into this Twitter chat with all the crazed gusto of a dedicated pro comedian at the top of his game,” raves O’Neil. “And when 140 characters weren’t sufficient to make the best reply, he stripped his shirt off, took photos and uploaded them.”

“When we accused him of being sexy, he replied “Sexy indeed” and leaned backward out an open window to give himself a double chin and he took a purposely unflattering snapshot – at great risk to his safety,” he continues. “You can see that he’s dangling dangerously over the city of London. Ricky could’ve tossed off this Twitter chat as a casual thing. But, no, he put on a helluva show – treated it as performance art – and he deserves an Oscar for it! Bravo!”