Golaço – Esporte Interativo kicks off O2 Games’ strong 2012 season

Golaço – Esporte Interativo is a soccer-themed Facebook game from Brazilian developer O2 Games. The international release of the game is being supported by publisher Hoopla Media.

According to our traffic tracking service AppDataGolaço – Esporte Interativo currently has 140,000 monthly active users and 40,000 daily active users.

Golaço – Esporte Interativo casts players in the role of the manager of a soccer team. Players are able to name their team whatever they please, along with customizing uniforms and the team’s logo from a variety of selections. Following this, players are responsible for every aspect of team management, ranging from key financial decisions to on-pitch tactics. It’s a complex game, but fans of soccer management simulations will be immediately familiar with most of the options on offer. Newcomers to the genre may find the variety of options to be somewhat daunting, however.

Matches take place in accelerated time and are depicted by an abstract top-down tactical view. Unlike rival title Gol Mania from fellow Brazilian dev Vostu, which features real-time arcade-style soccer gameplay, Golaço’s focus is primarily on the strategic and management aspects of the sport.

According to Daniel Coquieri from O2 Games, the company’s main strategy is to target the male demographic and niche interests such as sports. O2 Games is planning to release two further games in 2012 — one in April and a second in August. The company hopes to close 2012 with a total of 1.85 million monthly active users and 380,000 daily active users across the three games. So far, Golaço has been growing steadily and holding on to its users. It remains to be seen, however, whether the international market will take to it. O2 Games appears to be a well-established company, having received over $900,000 in investment over the course of the last six years, including support from the president of Brazilian investment fund Capital Fir.

It’s early days for the game’s international release, but some work needs to be done on the game before it is ready for the prime time. Currently, the game features a mixture of English and Portuguese text throughout — it’s fully playable and understandable in most cases, but messages informing the player of special offers and some “missions” have not yet been fully translated. The in-game help feature is also still in Portuguese.

Social features in the game include worldwide leaderboards and the facility to compete against other players’ teams. It’s also possible for players to post short “press releases” onto their Facebook wall, publicly sharing their achievements and the latest news from their team as they see fit.

The game’s monetization is handled by standard sales of soft and hard currency using PayPal, PagSeguro or cellphone. Hard currency can be spent on equipment to upgrade the team’s performance, while soft currency is used on the club’s everyday finances and player trading. There is also a proposed auction house feature, but at the time of writing this does not appear to be working.

Currently, monetization is handled in Brazilian real, with no facility to use Facebook Credits at this time. As the international release moves forward, O2 Games will need to list these prices in local currency or make use of Facebook Credits in order to make prices transparent to worldwide audiences.

You can follow Golaço’s progress with AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.