Goko reverts to beta after troubled launch

Social game developer Goko has taken its board game focused HTML5 platform back into beta only four days after launch, explaining that it wasn’t able to scale fast enough to support the load.

The official message that can be found on Goko’s website recognizes that the platform’s first 48 hours “didn’t go well,” and apologizes to fans as well as the greater HTML5 community that supported Goko’s ambitions.

We reached out to Goko for more details but they told us they don’t have specific numbers to share at this time. “The team is working hard to correct the issues,” a representative said, “and once that’s done, we may have more details to share.”

On the one hand, Goko couldn’t be happy about a launch so fraught with technical difficulties they had to pull their product of the market. On the other hand, that the technical difficulties stem from not being able to handle the amount of traffic at the least proves that there’s interest in Goko’s product.

For now, the game is back in its limited access beta state, but players are invited to email Goko and participate. At this time there is no word on when Goko will relaunch.

Goko is focused on bringing card, strategy and board games across mobile and web platforms. Their games are coming to iOS, Android, Google+, Facebook and the open web. According to CEO Ted Griggs, Goko is focused on board games, believing they are at the core of the social experience. You can read our full interview with Griggs here.