Going to Eindhoven? Bring a Helmet

It’s the “Summer of the Bicycle” in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, but no way was the hometown of the design academies of design academies going to settle for pedaling drowsily up and down the Lichtplein. Instead, they erected a roller-coaster for bikes, out of used wooden scaffolding no less (watch out for splinters…and imminent death!). The “sensational roller coaster for daring bikers” was conceptualized and nailed together by artist Lagombra (a.k.a. Anders Jakobsen) and is a project of the MU Art Center, which is sponsoring its exhibit amidst office buildings through July 27, which overlaps with Friday’s European Championship for bike couriers, also in Eindhoven. MU invites helmet-wearing and “experienced mountain bikers and BMXers to come and master the track,” at your own risk, of course. And that’s just the beginning of the dangerous fun! Also on view is “Fundamentals,” an exhibition about the “legal and less legal ways of using our playgrounds.” And to think we’ve always considered jumping off of moving swings daring!