Going Sally Hogshead Wild

Sally Hogshead, copywriter to the stars–Wieden, her own shop at 27, Crispin Porter–has written a book named Radical Careering, where she interviewed 1000 professionals between 25 and 45 about the apathy gap in today’s workplace–what happens when people stop loving (or never loved) their jobs. Interestingly enough, after finishing the book, Hogshead also stopped loving her own job, and now does speaking engagements like the closing keynote at the HOW Conference full-time.

We’re guessing a handful of people in the room of 4000 might have seen Hogshead’s presentation before, but we know we’re probably the only one in there who saw Hogshead speak seven years ago, when she was at the height of her ad-stardom, and we were debating between careers in art direction and copywriting. We remember squirming in the cool plastic chair at our hot little school in Atlanta as she smiled at the final slides of her Gold Pencil-winning work. Watching her speak about what she loved to do, we were suddenly so freakin’ positive that writing was our primary passion, too.

Hogshead’s keynote this year was not terribly different from that presentation seven years ago (she showed a lot of the same fabulous ads). It was a great resource for anyone needing to switch it up at work. But frankly–and this is sad for us to say, seeing as she’s our hero and stuff–we liked it better when it was a sharp, smart ass presentation about her own great advertising career.