Going Down On Dowd

Former President Bush still emails her.
Michael Douglas once dated her.
She’s one of the “cool kids” at the NYTimes.
She’s had her mug all over the place recently.
A recent New York magazine profile said that “men can’t resist her.”

The incessant praise makes us recall a fitting quote from one Sir Mix A Lot: “Give me a sista, I can’t resist her.”

Well, maybe men can’t resist Maureen Dowd, but Slate’s Katie Roiphe certainly can. In her piece, “Is Maureen Dowd Necessary?” Roiphe takes exception to the recent Dowd Love Fest and takes down Dowd’s new book, “Are Men Necessary?

  • “Dowd pushes every statement to its most exaggerated form”
  • “Dowd relies on the faux journalism of women’s magazines.”
  • “Dowd is pretending to cover cultural trends with journalistic accuracy, and it is this pretense that gives her arguments a shoddy feel.”