Going Back to the Start of It All (minus the stupid wardrobe choices)


This is something fun for winding-down a Friday. Our pals over at smashLAB, on their Ideas on Ideas site, had some students visiting their studio the other day and, per usual, the guys were asked, “Any suggestions for us about the business?” It’s always such a loaded question and, in the two times we’ve been asked it by delusional people who in some way think we’re successful, we always shrug and say something as stupid as “Just work hard and keep shooting for the stars!” So after having suffered through that, they took the question to some designer people and had them take a crack at it; revised slightly to ask “What would you do differently?” Our favorite, we think, is Stefan Sagmeister’s answer: “I do not have many regrets, so I am not the ideal person to answer this question. I would take on that Zadie Smith on Beauty book cover, that I declined. Turned out to be my favorite book from last year.”