goGlyph: Free iPhone/iPad App to Scribble Messages About a Specific Location

I received a tweet from goGlyph yesterday asking:
goGlyph @toddogasawara did you get the 1.0.1
Well, actually “no” since I had not heard of the app. However, goGlyph is a free iOS app. So, I downloaded and installed it on my iPhone 4. The app’s concept is to let people leave messages associated with geographic locations. Think of it as graffiti that doesn’t spoil anyone’s view. You need to register to leave a location message. However, registration is not needed to see what has already been written for locations near you. goGlyph can retrieve location messages written up to 1000 meters (3280.8 feet) of your current location. Unfortunately, there weren’t any messages that had been written within 1000 feet of my current location last night. This isn’t too surprising since I didn’t hear much going on around me except for a pair of ducks quacking away.
This is the sort of app that works best in a dense metropoilitan area or at popular tourist spots. I’ll give it another try later this week when I am in areas like that. It would be nice if goGlyph provided a rough idea of message density within, say, 10 kilometers so that the user would know whether it is worthwhile to pop it up on the screen now and then as they travel about.
goGlyph 1.0.1 (iTunes App Store)