Godless Liberal Site Launches Religion Section


Oh, sweet Mary — Arianna Huffington has found religion, and she’s put it on her Web site, right between “Books” and “N.Y.”, just under “Sports.”

The Huffington Post’s newest vertical, “Religion,” launched today. It will be edited by Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, associate dean of religious life at Princeton (not to mention a Baptist minister). Other contributors include Benedictine nun Joan Chittister and transcendental meditator Deepak Chopra.

“Religion” is the second section of the HuffPost to launch this week; the site rolled out HuffPost College on Monday. In a bitter stroke of irony, “College”‘s inaugural series, “Majoring in Debt,” is written by unpaid student contributors. Lucky for the “Religion” section, most priests have already taken vows of poverty.

You can get a Hallelujah, after the jump.

Today’s top story is an open letter from Raushenbush to “Religious (and sane) America.” In it, he promises that “HuffPost Religion will demonstrate the vibrant diversity of religious traditions, perspectives and experiences that exist alongside and inform one another in America and throughout the world.” He goes on to highlight the positive aspects of religion and — of course — invites users to submit content to the site. Below the article are images of books written by Raushenbush. Click on one, and a pop-up window invites you to buy it.

Other articles focus on the issues one typically sees addressed on the HuffPost, with a God angle tacked on. Examples: “Gays in the Military: A Religious Issue?”; “Judaism, Ethics, and Ecology”; and “The Great Recession: A Spiritual Crisis.”

In a statement announcing the launch, Arianna Huffington said, “All too often, when talking about it, we end up talking at each other instead of with each other.”

Off in the sidebar is one more link: “Elton John In ‘Parade’: Jesus Was Gay.”

We’re praying the discussion remains civil.