GoDaddy’s Deflated Follow-Up Proves Puppy Ad Wasn’t a Stunt

The ad that ran during the game was a big snooze

Last week we debated whether GoDaddy’s now-pulled puppy ad was part of an elaborate stunt…and after watching last night’s game, we know that the answer is “definitely not.”

Here’s what the company’s VP of PR had to say about “Working,” which cost the company $4.5 million:

“It was quickly created overnight last week from file footage and narrated by the agency art director who had never done voice-over work.”

We’re familiar with the agency behind the work. Because Barton F. Graf 9000 is generally known for creating off-the-wall ads, we would normally take that quote with a massive grain of salt.

But read it again before rewatching the ad:

…and check out the agency’s previous work for this client:

Seems fairly clear that the company’s original explanation was correct: like Nationwide, GoDaddy seriously misjudged how the public would react to its “controversial” campaign.

Maybe GoDaddy earns some crisis comms points for resolving the matter so quickly after the backlash blew up…but we have to say we were very disappointed to learn that this story wasn’t a stunt at all.

Tough to say which brand lost the Super Bowl by a larger margin.