GoDaddy And Twitter Partner Up For Small Businesses

Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy has teamed up with Twitter to make it easier than ever for small business customers to set up a Twitter profile alongside their website, reports Mashable.

The ability to create a Twitter profile has been integrated into GoDaddy’s small-business-focused Website Builder, which includes 300 themes and 25,000 stock images.

If a small business already has a Twitter profile created when it signs up to use GoDaddy’s Website Builder, it can connect the two so that the Twitter page theme will automatically update to match the company’s website theme.

And those who lack a Twitter profile can create one with GoDaddy’s help, including a recommended Twitter handle.

The cost of the tool is only $1-$7.49/month. No more excuses for those egg avatars, small business owners.

(Source: Mashable.)

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