God of Light: Control beams of light to save the world on iOS


Playmous has launched its newest game on iOS devices, God of Light, which sees players controlling light beams by bouncing them off of mirrors and other reflective surfaces to light up levels and complete puzzles. Players join the game’s mascot, Shiny, on a quest through three game worlds and 75 levels, as Shiny tries to save the world from darkness.

Each level in God of Light contains a starting point of light, and a “Source of Life” which must be activated with that light to complete the stage. Players can tap on Shiny to activate the initial light beam, and can tap and drag on the screen to change its direction. Players must explore the environment with this light beam to find mirrors, prisms and other objects, which reflect the light and offer a new control point.

Tapping on each of these objects transfers control of the light beam to that object. That is, once a single light beam is oriented correctly towards a mirror, players can tap on the mirror to redirect the new light beam, without interfering with the first.

Three crystals are available in each stage, which can be collected by shooting the light through them. These crystals may be available outside of the most obvious path to the Source of Life, encouraging players to create more complex solutions to collect them.

As levels become more complicated, with additional tools like light splitters and black holes (which cause the light to curve), players can use fireflies to see the light’s proper path. These fireflies can be found in levels, and can be collected for future use by touching them with the light beam.

God of Light is now available to download for $1.99 on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.