Goby for iOS Helps You Find Fun Things to Do Near You (maybe)

Goby joins a long line of apps that provides information about events going on around you.

Goby (iTunes App Store)

Its unique spin is that it can identify activities based on “Facebook preferences.” There are two issues with this feature claim, however.

First, as far as I can tell, there is no such thing as “Facebook preferences.” They probably mean the optional settings in a Facebook profile where you can indicate philosophy, arts and entertainment, sports, and activities and interests information. This issue is merely terminology. But, it was enough to make me pause for a minutes to try to determine what the developers were referring to.

The second issue is true problem. I installed Goby 3.1.7 on my iPad and could not find any setting in the app itself or in the iPad’s Settings (Goby does not place settings there) to point to my Facebook account.

The app does a reasonably good job of identifying activities in my vicinity. Events can be pared down by specifying a distance from your current location.

While 1622 of 8373 people gave the app a 5-star rating in the iTunes App Store, 3489 gave it a 1-star rating. People giving it 1-star noted that many places listed are no longer in business or that it would not detect their location. On the other hand, as you might guess, reviewers giving it 5-star ratings say it works as advertised. I found it often provided too much uninteresting (to me) information. It needs a way to reduce the noise in the system for each user.

Via Gina Smith’s BYTE Unplugged: Live from SF App Show – Goby