“Goatee Gamble”: In the Briefing Room

ABC’s Jake Tapper tweets:

@jaketapper: hmmm @chucktpolitical a no-show at briefing, tho Gibbs holds up electric razor from @MajoratWH and offers to let briefing room for shave

Transcript, courtesy of the White House press office:

MR. GIBBS: Where is Chuck today? Is he —

Q: I thought I’d be helpful.

MR. GIBBS: Is Chuck a little —

Q: I have the means, by the way, to do —

MR. GIBBS: Although I’m told this is — is this — whose –

Q: It’s mine.

Q: Right, it’s Major’s. He wanted to be helpful.

MR. GIBBS: — Major’s electric razor for — if Chuck is anywhere out there listening, we can solve your problem right here. And I am happy — please pass this on — happy to use some space here if Chuck wants to —

Q: Avail himself of the White House barber? If there is such a post?

MR. GIBBS: Apparently there used to be, many moons ago, a White House barber, that office now occupied by the White House photographer. But I’m sure they’d move the fancy computers out and we could get a little space.

And the video, courtesy Politico: