Go West for Via

The place to pitch your Western-state travel stories.

Via-ArticleWhen Via magazine first came on the scene in 1917, known then as The California Motorist, the supremacy of car travel in the United States was far from established. In fact, Motorist served as a platform to support road construction. Eighty years and many iterations later, this AAA magazine sent to 4.2 million West coast members changed to its current name.

Via is a travel magazine, but one that caters to drivers. You’ll want to pitch stories on Western travel spots easily accessible by car. Another thing to keep in mind: editor and publisher Anne McSilver prefers destination stories that have broad, rather than niche, appeal.

Via‘s content must appeal to the general interests of a wide swath of the population, so editors “avoid pieces that focus on specialized activities, like ‘Rollerblading in Katmandu,’ or on remote destinations like ‘Luxury Resorts in Uruguay,'” said Anne McSilver, editor and publisher. Instead, the magazine tends to highlight places and attractions where any reader can go, particularly by car.

For more, including the sections first-timers should target, read: How to Pitch: Via

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